How do I talk to a girl on Facebook, whom I barely know but are friends with?

I'm like this girl I know from highschool, right now in college I want to talk to her. I know everyone says just say "hi" but I'm pretty sure after that I'll freeze..


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  • You say "hi, we haven't talked since high school - how are things? How is college?"


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  • FB is the Best social media to get to know someone inside the chat box. Yes, starting out with a "Hi," is a good way to begin your beguine, and after this, Go on to ask how she is, how college is going, ask her about her classes, and as she replies, it will be become a thawed out and---Thought out---situation, that will get easier once you are in the box, instead of thinking Outside the box.
    Many times in the past, I have accepted friends that I have never met in my life. And after chatting a bit, getting to know them, it was as though I had known them all of my life. My husband Found me on FB, and after getting to know him on Yahoo and Skype, I flew over and we got married.
    Being you know her 'From high school,' this should be a relatively simple walk in the park, rather than a shot in the dark.
    Good luck. xx

    • PS... I flew over to Egypt, the other side of the world, by the way...:)) xx

  • Ask a question about anything you can think of that you have in common with her.. that's pretty much the only way I wouldn't think it was totally random or creepy. :)


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  • Two ways:
    A) Approach her when you see her, get her number- invite her- have fun- sexual tensed- sex at the end.
    B) Give her your number on Facebook (more convenient and she feels easier and safer), says, do let me know via my phone if you're interested, i would love to talk to you, talk for 5 mins, set the dates, the rest just flows along ;)

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