Am I being blown off because he's just not that into me?

I think I already know the answer, but this last year is the first time I've truly been single in my adult life (I'm 27) so I don't have a lot of experience. Met this guy, he's in sales so he's glued to his phone and texts friends and customers constantly. Texted me constantly the first few weeks, even more than I could keep up with. Had a great 1st date and a kiss. Texted me all the time. Couldn't wait to see me. Second date, more of the same. Had a good time, ended up "making out" like teenagers. Couldn't wait to see me. 3rd date, yes it happened. Then I left for vacation for a week. He texted me quite a bit, and said he was so excited to see me. Then he came down and spent Friday night-Sunday morning with me. We didn't go out and do much, but he was affectionate, always holding my hand and kissing my forehead and cuddling me to sleep. I could feel it then, that it's too early and we should have kept it fun and light and about going out, but I was so tired from vacation that I just let it be a lazy weekend. Of course yes, things happened throughout. He left that Sunday morning and for the first time, didn't speak to me for 24 hours. And even then, it's because I finally reached out and said that I hope he made it home okay. Very little texting now. What's the deal here? My thought is that he just realized he isn't that into me... could that be the case? Maybe he's seeing someone else as well? I hate the not knowing. Dating is frustrating.


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  • So why not just ask the dude instead of wondering?

    Seriously I dont get what it is with people not just outright asking hey wtf is going on here?

    Just call him and ask him what is the deal. If he doesn't answer then he got what he wanted and he is done with you. Id say maybe he is busy, but to go from full speed a head to ninja vanish in that little time? id say you know the answer.


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  • He got his fill and isn't being honest with you. Either he liked the chase and the action, and is now bored or he realized something that turned him off during your extended time together.
    He isn't interested in putting all the time and effort in now any way you slice it.


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  • I believe that this Bird has grown Cold Duck feet and has 'Disappeared' into the murky waters. He felt cornered and scared, probably suddenly, like a cold footed bridegroom, bowed out with subtle hints, and Expects You to understand what's going on... Yes, very 'Frustrating,' to say the least. However, a red raised flag as to the signs of a Cancerous Big "C", that he most likely can't handle and doesn't want to--------Commitment.
    When you sent him that message: "I hope you made it home okay," that was probably the straw that broke this camel's back. It sounded too 'Caring' to him, too much like a Real Relationship, and even though you both may have been Exclusive, it wasn't 'Official' that he wanted right now.
    Don't pressure him. Go easy right now. Keep things lite and semi sweet. And if need be, have a pet talk with him. See where you stand.
    No, I am not seeing he has anyone else. But what I Do think is, he wants to be free, not hooked at the hip.
    Good luck. xx