Do women intentionally ignore men? i. e. Someone they are interested in?

I went out with this girl last week on a first date and I feel we hit it off. We talked for about 3 hours and kissed at the end of the date. Since we have been texting somewhat back and forth. For some reason, she is not responding to my text messages. I texted her Friday afternoon, she texted me until the next day. On Saturday I asked when was she free to meet again, as we said we would after our first date, and i still haven't received a response. I dont want to be texting her everyday because i do not want to appear desperate. I really liked her but it is annoying to say the least to wait for a response for a message.

Do you think she might be doing this intentionally or unintentionally? What should i do? Do i seek her again and tell her that this behavior bothers me? or should i wait to hear back from her?

Well she texted me back with plans for this week. Thank you!!


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  • All you can do is just be patient and not do anything just yet (unfortunately)


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  • just wait, don't do a thing and don't contact her again.


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