He texts me everyday all day, but I'm not sure what's going on!

I met this guy and we spent the entire week together, he would spend the night with me and come back right after work. I told him at the end of the week I was really into him, and he said he was too! He also said we would see where things would go but there was no need to rush anything. At one point in the week though, he said we were a couple, and that I was his girlfriend. Since I have been back home, we only text one another...We haven't had one phone conversation. I don't know if he is really into me or if I'm just someone to pass the time with while he is at work. Help please!


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  • you said you guys aren't rushing things, but you are. Don't be worried about phonecalls at this time of your relationship...and take the texting down a couple notches, you'll thank me! Been there done that, a lot of texting is bad.

  • It sounds like he is interested and likes you but wants to take things slow and step by step. Calling each other at such an early stage is not required and it is something you will do further down the line.

    One text a day or contact every other day is plenty at such an early stage. Don't over crowd each other and also make sure you don't ask too many questions about each other in the messages. Dating is about finding out and learning about your potental partner and you need to make sure you have things to talk about on the dates.

    It sounds like he has already taken things faster than intended but he just wants to slow things down again for a while. It all sounds fine so just enjoy it.

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