Do guys and girls talk to multiple people while dating?

I recently met a guy when I went out with a friend. He asked for my number and texted me the net day. A few days later he asked me on a date and the date ended really well. We both had a great time. He even kissed me really passionately before I went in the house. The next day he texted me and we talked. He texts me everyday so far. But the other day I was texting him and I made a joke and said "you should come give me a hug after work" He replied and said he should be able to pull that off after work. He didn't come that night. In the morning I was on Twitter and I saw that he went out to get drinks instead. I also saw that he was talking to a girl that he claimed to be his bestfriend and how they planned on hanging out. I also saw him twitting to a couple of other girls. In one of our conversations he did tell me that he has a couple real female friends. It's kind of hard for me to trust people and I often question people's integrity, agenda and words. I got a little upset I guess because I really wanted to see him and I'm actually starting to like him as we talk each day. I don't want to tell him what I saw because he might think I was stalking him. I also don't know if what I saw was a big deal or not and if I should just let it go. But I do want to know what his intentions are with me and what he wants out of all of this. Also do guys and girls just talk to multiple people while dating? Do they talk to many people at the same time until they find one that's right for them?


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  • when its literally just "dating"? then yeah im talking to other girls. I've dated 4 girls around the same time before. when I start to date a girl exclusively then I stop contact with all other girls. im sure girls and guys all do this. dating is not really any commitment yet.

    • I see so I shouldn't really get upset? I guess I felt a little "jealous" since I like him so far. lol

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    • no. I mean its kinda weird that he started at your neck, if it was all about the romance and love for me I would've gone straight for lips first, especially on first date. but his hands were tame and he eventually did make it to your lips hahaa. doesn't seem bad.

    • lol yea I don't know why he started on my neck either maybe that was his way of being romantic lol. He was paying extra special attention to my neck too. But yea he did make it to my lips. Well i'm glad it doesn't seem bad. lol

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