I hurted him and rejected him.. now I can't stop thinking about him, what do I do?

So about 4 months ago, me and this guy started hitting it off. He told me that he really liked me and that I made him happy. He would always compliment me and make me feel great, at this point I think I liked him so I returned the feelings. After a month of flirting etc. he took me out to the cinema and everything was cute... but something wasn't right, I wasn't really feeling it. On the way back from the cinema I felt really weird... something inside me just made me want to be sick at the thought of being with him. He had not done anything.. it was just me... I don't know what happened I just freaked out and couldn't go near him again. The night after, I told him how I felt... he was heartbroken, obviously, and I apologised. But for three months we made no contact, not at school nor social media. I had heard from his friends that he still thought about me and he missed what he had, but I didn't listen, I turned my nose up and walked away.
About a month ago, I finally decided to talk to him again, just to apologise properly. He had time to move on so I thought it wouldn't be awkward at all. We became friends once more and we started talking at school. Me and him and a few other friends have hung out on weekends etc.

But since then.. all I can think about is him. We've started talking on Facebook again and we flirt and stuff but I don't think he means it. I don't blame him, he probably doesn't want to be hurt again. Honestly, my feelings are so messed up... I just can't get him out of my head, I think I like him and this time I'm sure. What do I do?


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  • give it some more time and let your feelings work themselves out.


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