I am afraid the guy is not that into me, only wanted sex, or has some serious communication issues... but I just need to know if I should walk away?

Met a guy online, it's been almost a month. We've spent time together at least 2 times per week since we met on dating site. We had a lot of common interests, there was chemistry, he's a great guy and so close to my ideal, it was amazing. Tall, light brown hair, blue eyes, handsome, sweet, intelligent, funny.

After our second date he brought up where this was going, said he wants to be exclusive, removed his account from dating sites and said he has no interest in anyone but me. We had sex, and I now regret it as I think it's tailspun toward physical for him as he used to send me morning and sleep well texts or how is my day going, that now are slim to none. The only messages I get now are about sex be it how good it was, when it will be again, or that he's thinking about it. I try to change the subject and then he doesn't reply to those messages as often.

Then, he sends me text saying do I want more sex, and that this is not relationship. I was confused as he's the one who said he wanted to see me exclusively and now he's saying just sex? So, I said no, I need to know we're moving toward relationship, getting to know one another. I have 2 kids, I can't just run off and be having sex with no future with someone. He said, ok well relationships take time and to not panic and stress. Then he'll send me messages do you love me? I'm like, that would require more time don't you think? Which he is like yes, it would. You're right.

I am just thinking he's either playing games and I'm just so naive and hopeful that I'm not seeing them since he's so great to me, or maybe he's just terrible at this. He is from South Africa, so I'm not sure if maybe it is cultural differences that are affecting this as he's only been in America for a few years. I text him about us since he doesn't seem to have plans to meet up with me anytime soon and he won't reply to them now for 2 days now, nothing. I am just wondering... should I cut my losses at this point or wait him out?

Never mind. I text him and when his reply was WHO IS THIS, I said never mind, if you don't know bye. Ugh, done with men for a long time. I keep finding complete losers.


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