Girls and Guys:-my ex bf new girlfirend gives me the stink eye? :/?

ok she is muchhh better looking then me, she stole my bf from me using hers looks, and she has his heart.

but today i saw her and she gave me the stink eye :s,... i never did or said anything to her, and i once heard her call me ugly from the ditance whil laughing with her firends,.. i dont care.

when i see her from the distance, her body language is ingressive when she sees me.

and we were once at a firends party over the weekend, she isolated me from all my firend stealing there attention from me,... i felt a bit out of place for a moment,...

but for some reason i dont want to get in this girls face, but she is sort of ticking my nerve you know?

and please let me know that, why does she have the need to behave like this towards me? she is the one who won my bf using her looks, and everything but why treat me like shit?


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  • she's just marking her territory and protecting her investment. don't let it get through to you though. you're better than that:) she's the one that is making the effort to have her guard up all the time hahaa.

    • but why? why does she need to feel to beef at me when she already took my bf,...

    • because she is threatened by your presence. she is threatened by you. even though she took your Bf she is still insecure.

    • wow i thot i was the insecure one,... ok thanks yeah il ignore her at my best,...

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  • Well ignore her. She will get what's coming to her. If nothing else, make her face a little more lumpy and bruised.


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  • Big deal. It's what people do. Grow up and deal with it. GAG is not your diary, you know?

    • what GAG? and i asked for advice buy the way,... not to be mocked.

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    • Just letting you know that there's nothing you can do. And that if you want to vent, write in your diary or blog. GAG is not the place for it.

    • like i said, whatever, just dont answer my Q's if you dont like it. and im not venting,...