Would she like/care this type of outing/date?

I want to take this girl, for my first date with her, to a place called the Cultural Gardens. I recently learned about them here in my city reading about my city's history (for class called "history of Cleveland"). I had to even write about three of them as an assignment. I've never seen them and I want to take her with me when I go. Basically, they're just some historical sites, based on the city and some monuments in them, bunch of other stuff. I think she'd like it for the scenery, whether she's a history buff or not. Is this a good first date idea? I will however mention though, that we'd probably go sometime during the day as the area it's in, at night, is quite dangerous. If you know the Cleveland area, it's at St. Clair and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive


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  • Not for the first date but maybe some other time.


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