Would it be "weird" if I e-mailed him to try to reconnect?

In Feb, I met a guy online and we really hit it off. However, I did not convey my interest well, so it fizzled out. (I have posted about it here, and others agreed).
I deleted his # from my phone, so cannot text him again. I know his last name and used to work where he does, so I know his e-mail (I cross-checked it, so I have the right one). I was thinking of just sending him an e-mail like, "Hey, This is -. I used to work at -, so I knew your e-mail would be something like this as I recalled your last name. I know we haven't talked in a while... I was wondering how you were doing and how your summer is going, :). Cheers".

Hopefully I don't sound like a stalker, b/c I'm not, haha.


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  • Well, I didn't see the other thread. (And I can't search it because you're anon) but I think it's sweet.
    If you're sure he seemed interested, I'm sure he won't mind you attempting to get a hold of him.

    I say go for it.
    The worst he can do if he disagrees is ignore you.

  • Of course not! I would like it even if I didn't want to reconnect. I would definitely talk to you.


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