Pretty girl is interested in you?

Guys! how would you react if you just met a pretty girl and she seemed aggressively interested in you? are u turned off and bewildered? or excited and jittery?

ok, if I understood it perfectly well, you guys whine about having to make the first move on girl, and when it's the girls who do it you become suspicious? Now you should understand why we don't make the first move. Thanks for the comment though.


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  • Being in a relationship I wouldn't really care. Perhaps I'd get a confidence boost or maybe I'd get annoyed depending on how aggressive.

    If I were single, then heck yeah! I'm a nerd, and it's pretty much every nerds dream for some beautiful girl to take interest in him (unless gay or asexual) .

    Now that I think about it I might also be a bit suspicious. Like "who's paying this girl to do/say this?"

  • Sceptical. And a bit excited, too, but mostly sceptical. I'd think it's too good to be true, there must be a catch, she must be messing with my head. I certainly wouldn't be turned off, though.


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