How to make guy likes me or. Notice me?

I ve never had a boyfriend I'm 26 already I don't know what else to do guys are so confusing


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  • The readers will need more information to effectively help. At least I do. And guys are simple. Every single one of us. All we want is to be in some sort of loving/sexually active relationship with another person that hopefully knows how to cook. Unless we know how to cook. And if we're not looking for a relationship then we just want to be sexually active with the least amount of drama (if not zero). Hope that clears up any confusion for you anonymous.

    Now, you can't MAKE a guy like you. Because if there was such a thing as love potion #9, trust me, I would have dosed Salma Hayek ages ago. Attraction isn't a choice. Sure would make things easier though.

    If you want be noticed then you gotta get out there. It's a numbers game. If 100 guys see you in there environment over the course of time, several are bound to notice you. If zero guys see you in there environment, zero will notice you.


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  • Anony, Please repost this question with a little more about who you are and what you have tried. I would love to help you, but I need WAY more info! Thanks!


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