Girls, what are the best places to kiss/rub/massage you on a date where you and the guy are alone?

Say you're with each other in isolation and the date is going great. He is funny, handsome, and smells great. He decides to assert himself and break the touch barrier in the heat of the moment.

Which erogenous zones should he focus on?

This is either the first or second date.


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  • Kiss on the neck moving up to my jaw and love the back of the neck squeeze,... now my imaginations going...

    • Ahhh, relax. What about between the thighs?

    • Depends on what's going on if he just rushed to the thighs then no id most likely feel uncomfortable, but if he worked his way to the thighs then yes it's good.

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  • Frontal lobe yo.

    This question requires too much imagination. I guess arms, shoulders, neck for massage/rubs. Lips for un beso.

    • The current community is very disappointing.

      But thanks. Do you have a preference as to which spot he begins rubbing/massaging?

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    • hahahahaha. adorable. WHATEVER, DAWG! :D

    • You'll regret this day! Or night... WHATEVER TO YOU TOO!

  • Start with the neck and slowly work down to the shoulder and collarbones. Those are the areas that I personally liked to be kissed.

  • Kiss on the neck - please.
    And rub on the lower back?

    • Ahhh, very specific. I like this.

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