Guys I want to know would you pick a girl who is broken, of a girl who know her flaws?

I want to know because every time I get out a relationship and it ends bad I have this one guy friend who wants to hook up after.

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  • I don't care, if you're broken I'll help heal you if you know your flaws then ill love them unconditionally


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  • that is a irreconcilable question, do you know your flaws or do you create flaws. Dating use to be a process in which young people would "date" multiple individuals. Not to find or be with their immediate boyfriend or girlfriend, but to get to know a person, spend a little time, and if you clicked then maybe consider the bf/gf option. Options are everywhere, and thats the point of dating is to shotgun a bunch of different interesting guys and see what really clicks. so date your friend, see how it goes, I got in so much trouble thinking that girls knew what dating was in middle school, first week i was dating multiple girls, who found out and flipped out. Consider dating, bring it back cause it worked pretty good, chances of you winning the lotto on your first try are what? right?

  • picking a girl that is broken is really not recommended...

    did it once, and it never ends well. Its like when you see a store on fire, a passerby will think its a good idea to go in and loot it of its possessions..

    if most of your relationship ends bad, maybe its you...

  • who knows her flaws all they way!

    i really love honest and sincere people who acknowledge their own flaws and know when they are right and wrong. these are the people who deserve to be in everyone's life because they are nice and brave enough to admit their own flaws.

  • Some people have types. For me, I seem to always end up going for the girls who have a lot of internal issues.. just seems to be the case every time.


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