I want to be with her but its getting complicated?

I have a girlfriend for 11 months now, she is the girl i want to marry and we have known each other for 7 years, i always want to be with my girlfriend but she doesn't want to anymore and it upsets me, it makes me not want to commit to a relationship and I don't know how to feel, i get jealous when she goes with her friends to much because #1 she gets an attitude, #2 she never replies to my text #3 i don't trust her fully


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  • stop being selfish already.
    So she wants to hang out with friends! maybe she gets an attitude because YOU keep getting an attitude. you need to understand this about relationships:
    a) you don't own the person, even if you've known each other for a long time
    b) people need space
    c) relationships are SUPPOSED to have trust in it
    You, my friend, are a clingy person. and correct me if i'm wrong, but if you put yourself in her boots, i'm pretty sure you would get annoyed if your partner got all jealous and clingy if you went out with friends. if you don't believe me or anything, just confront her. tell her how you're feeling and she'll tell you how she is feeling. complaining about it won't help your situation. nobody knows what's going on in her head but her.

    • its not like that, her friends all want her to dump me so i don't like her with them ( its not all her friends just some)

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    • ya i did, im jut getying opinions about her attitude not friends

    • Did you already ask her?
      If so, if she point blank ignores you... well... I think you need to face some facts my friend.
      either her friend's words got to her head or she just doesn't like you anymore. never the less, you're like, under 18, chill it bro. You don't know what the future holds. Don't let one girl get you bitter.

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  • The problem maybe that she wants to see what it's like being with other people cos your all that she's known and your both so young to make a serious commitment to each other.

    This is a good thing bro. There is a big wide world out there for you to experience!

    • if she wants other guys, she can go ahead, i won't want anything to do with her ever

  • 7 years as children and teenagers doesn't really count. It has to be longer than that 'cos people change a lot when they get past their teenage years and enter their 20s.

    Anyway, you are too possessive, insecure, and desperate. None of these are traits that girls like. I'm not sure if the damage has already been done, but try to make yourself better. Tell her that you're afraid of losing her and you want her to message you more. Find out what you don't trust about her, and ask her. And keep your emotions in check.

    • since she was 8

    • Actually, I have to admit that I'm an advocate of late marriage, i. e. in mid 20s or later. So I often doubt the possibility of meaningful relationships before your 20s. My belief isn't quite correct, I know, so just ignore my first point. Years don't count.

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