How important is variety when going on a date?

I'm planning to go out with this girl on a regular basis. I have some ideas, but I do get worried that it could get repetitive after a while. We have some constraints, cos she's not free enough to do something like taking up a course together, or stay out late at night, so some options are out. Anyway it's totally impossible to always do something new that we haven't done before.

So what's your personal tolerance for keeping things new on a date? How do you maintain variety?


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  • Variety for me isn't really about different locations or activities. It's more about different moods. Like sometimes it's nice to have a really romantic date, like a picnic or a home cooked meal and then snuggling on the couch watching a movie. And sometimes it's great to do something active, like a hike/walk/tennis/etc or something just silly and fun like laser tag.
    I think the whole point of dating is getting to know the different sides of the person you're seeing. And figuring out how to work together on things. I mean one of my best ever dates, was a first date where we met up to walk our dogs (doggie date). The activity wasn't exciting in and of itself, but we got to talk a lot and i found out so much about him and our common interests. And as a first date, the constant movement helped with my nervousness so i was much more relaxed and open. Also had a fun date at a comic book store. I know I was just as surprised by it as you are:) But showing her your favorite spots lets her get to know you too.
    I don't know if that helps, but look at dates as opportunities to get to know her more and go from there. Like is she adventurous, patient, into heavy metal music whatever... it can all be determined by a date.

    • Oh you're right! Differentiating by mood and "different side" is a better way to think about variety. Hmm... Much ideas right now. :D

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    • Best of luck though, it's nice to know there's still some guys out there who put effort and thought into dating!

    • Haha thanks. I mean, where's the fun in dating if we're always doing the same thing? I'm introvert typed so given a choice, I'd rather stay at home and do my own stuff alone haha. It's because I make every date an adventure and something different that I'm motivated to ask her out so I can share the memories with her. :)

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  • Variety is not all that important. What matters is your feelings for each other. But then try to make an effort to have a few different options. ^_^

    • well glad to hear that. :) My ideas, some of them I plan to reuse them every month. Movies is certainly one of them.

    • You could try going for long walks or drives, picnics. going shopping together, staying at home and playing married couple, study dates towards exams at home or at the library... ^_^ Those are romantic

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