Guys perspective, why did he stop talking to me? I can't get over him, but I want to move on?

I was talking to this guy for about 4 months. We messaged each other everyday on Kik. Our messages would flow all day, I would get a "good morning beautiful" every day from him. Sometimes staying up till 5am talking in Skype with each other. We got along really well. He started flirting with me calling me babe, and he would be affectionate until one night he told me he liked me. I'm a little closed off, once he told me "why are you so hard to get". I told him I just don't like people messing with my feelings. So anyways I really started to fall for him, I was being affectionate back on our Skype calls and messages. We were talking and he wanted to come visit me to spend the weekend with me (he lives 3 hours away) he said he wanted to meet my dad. Things were going well between us. Before he left for the summer (visit relatives out if the country) out conversations weren't as solid. Once he don't text me for a week, I txted him once but he didn't reply. So I left it like that. But he messaged me when he was on his vacation, "hey what's up" wtf! -_-

So I replied and right away he went to calling me babe. Like nothing happened.
His last messages to me:

Him: I'm so wasted right now I'm out partying with my cousins.
But I want you to know I'm thinking of you.
I hope all is well. Sorry we haven't been talking like we used to before. But I hope you know I still care about you regardless.
I'll make it back up to you when I'm home baby<3 sending you lots of hugs and kisses babe. Be a good girl while I'm gone ;)

And that was it. He never messages me, we haven't talked. he sends me this and gets me all hopeful to suddenly blow me off?
I didn't take this kinda hard
I just want to get him out of my head
I need closure
Guys why did he stop talking to me
When his last message was that?

Sorry for the typos damn autocorrect!


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  • He's playing some serious mind games with you, he's keeping you on the back burner. Pretty much he's out there having fun while he knows he still has you. He wants to make sure if anything goes wrong he can always come back to you. Best thing to do now is to NC. That will make you move on as fast as possible. He will still be texting you and trying to get you back. If you want him back make his really show you that he really wants you and to stop all of this kind game stuff. No one needs that and dosnt have time for that in life. Go out with your friends and meet a better guy that dosnt play these type of games and you will be so much happier.

    If you have time answer mine please :)

    • Really? He was always after me, being affectionate, really trying to make me like him & once I started to respond he started getting distant. I was just so confused, what sucks is I had got out of serious relationship and I would talk to him about it. He would tell me he would help me get over it. :( what a douche!

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