How do you get your man to set up the date or coffee?

I think he's little too nervous about this. It's been a couple months since last I saw him because I was in another city for holidays.
Met each other at a party. Talked a lot online since then.

  • Is he nervous about me not liking him?
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  • Is he nervous that I'm not cool or pretty as I was at the party?
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  • if you really like him then you should wait for him to initiate anything. just ask him if he wants to go on a date or get some coffee. if he's attracted to you he'll say yes even if he's nervous to ask you himself.

    • Okay :) how do I make it not too hard or complicated or awkARd?

    • just ask him if he wants to go grab a coffee or chill sometime

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  • Just get in contact with him and say something like "it's been a while, we should catch up for coffee, when you free?"
    I'd love it if girls organized things like this.

  • Girls can take initiative, he won't mind.


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