What to do about my crush when she is sad?

This week we are receiving all our exams that we had been very hard for. Today we had been receiving some of our results and my crush did quite badly, she cried. I dont know how to comfort her, i only stayed silent all the time. She sits beside me though, we play fights sometimes. If i did comfort her, i can't hug her, she might push me away, i can only say "cheer up" what other things i can say or do? To encourage her and cheer her up? Thank you in advance for your answers.


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  • Of course you can hug her, that's silly. You can hug anyone you want really.

    If she doesn't want a hug she'll decline. But she'll appreciate your sentiment.

    The best approach is to treat her like you would a good friend. Sometimes you tease each other when the mood strikes, and sometimes when things seem serious you get serious and play a more comforting role.

    It's your job to calibrate based on how you feel, and how she feels. If you give her a sincere comment and you say stand next to her it's easy to slide in with a one-arm side hug and say, "Hey, you alright?" If her body language tells you she wants space (maybe she slides away or leans away, or pushes you away) then simply mirror her by taking a small step back.

    If she doesn't want to talk at all that's cool too. Her response to you in that small moment is insignificant because it's based on her feeling terrible. And when you respect the space she wants she'll appreciate it.

    So if she doesn't even want to chat, then leave it alone until she does.

    That's how friends operate. :D

    When her mood shifts you'll still be the caring fun cool guy she remembers from before. Then in the future perhaps you guys can study together... alone and after class... especially if you can help her improve her marks.


    ~ Robby


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  • tell her," aw, it's alright, maybe you were too nervous to do the test. Don't worry, there are still many exams coming and I'm sure that you'll do well. Everyone did poorly too, so cheer up!"


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  • What ever you think is right

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