Finding it hard don't know how to deal with this?

My friends with benefits is great and a lovely guy but I'm so confused by him , he says he likes me etc but after a misunderstanding we ended things last night so I messaged bye take care but he kept messaging me it felt like he didn't want me to go :/ he said he wants to still keep on seeing me and asked if this is what I still want I said yes then he said I thought you wanted to end it not the other way round , he's confusing me :( why end things then when I go to move on he kept on messaging me , he said if I talked on the phone I would hear how upset and how he really felt about us breaking up because text can be cold , we have been seeing each other for nearly a year


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  • Being you have been in this "Friends with benefits' Relationship for 'Nearly a year,' there is some Obvious Feelings here with not Only You, but with Him as well. And with Any relationship, whether you are married, dating, hooked at the hip, in a Real Relationship, and even with the one you and he have been in for a long time now, there Are going to be-----Misunderstandings, even a break up. And even taking a break...
    People say a lot of things when they are upset. My husband who lives out in Egypt, although I am not out there all the time with him, we Still have many misunderstandings, break ups, taking a break, no speaking, deletes from our media marriage, you could say, and just whatever. It's called Being in a Relationship, no matter What kind. We're all going to have problems, things that are said, but often never meant when it comes to heated discussions and stabbing one in the heart. I think this was the case with you and with him.
    Talk things out, if you haven't already. And I don't mean in Text. Yes, That can be----Cold. And with What you both have going, for at least Now, you somehow have had enough chemistry and compromise to make this work. And who knows... Somewhere down the road, there may be More Signs, like a potential partnership.
    I am reading between the lines that there is More Here than what's between the sheets.
    Good luck. xx

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