Libra girls!!! hi!! I want to know your feelings about a libra boy?

Libra girls!!! hi!! i want to know your feelings about a libra boy..


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  • Your just like every other guy to me, you may be the same star sign as me but that doesn't mean anything really, i dont follow these star sign stuff :)

    • I dont follow too... lol. But sometimes it is good to experiment with the similarities of least common patterns among human behavior. So that you can stay sharp from incoming hazards.

    • hahaha okay :") yeah never really thought about reading star signs really.. hahaa

    • this is the combination of spiritual and science. lol... and sometimes when they match up , i feel too much fun inside me... to see a prediction true. If you like i suggest you can try this on someone , and really sometimes it works... I wish you would have fun. jajajajaja...

  • They are fine I guess. A guy's star sign does not really matter to me.


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