She says she "Might have plans"?

What does it mean when a girl says she "might have plans" but doesn't know if her "plans will happen" when you ask her if she has dinner plans in a weekend night. Specifically, I asked a girl this a couple days following our first date which I might add went very well. I'm thinking she is giving me an opening and wants me to ask her out directly instead of asking if she has plans (for fear of looking unbusy) but I may be wrong. Thoughts appreciated.


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  • That there's something planned but it isn't set in stone maybe...

    • Forgot to mention when I asked her what she was doing over the weekend she just said a BBQ w friends in Sunday, no mention of anything on Sat

    • Probably is what dcosse said then, and she's playing hard to get.
      I remember hearing some rule before about how you should go on the first date, then act like you're busy having fun or something along those lines, I forgot what it is exactly.

    • Wow did not know that. Interesting. Thanks

  • She's trying to play hard to get, just ask her out


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