How to tell a "shy" man you like him?

So I like this guy who is kind of shy and not very friendly or open and... I am the other way around.
I want to tell him I like him but I don't wanna feel like a stalker or anything like that.

Shy men out there... help me please :)


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  • Telling someone that you like him or her hasn't anything to do with stalking, so don't be afraid of that, LovelyLucy. Just approach that guy, start a conversation with him and eventually tell him how you feel about him.

    By the way, I am not a shy man. I dare to say whatever I want.


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  • Shy people are not the best at picking up signals.

    Honestly, if you are really interested in him, why waste time? I think you're best approach is first to establish some level of comfort through conversation (you may have already accomplished this, if not try to get him to use your name a few times) Then ask him to some inoffensive place using a clear signal that you are not just being rhetorically polite. Best is something one on one.

    Doesn't matter if the approach is goofy. Goofy may even be better. Say something like: I broke the will of my old miniature golf partner and my mad skills are getting rusty. Won't you please test yourself against my might? I need someone to new to humiliate.

  • As a shy guy, we would love for any girl to admit feelings for us, because we don't receive attention from girls too often. You could either just straight up tell him, or give him some really obvious signs. How often do you talk to him?

    • Like three times a week... I wish we could speak through Facebook or text but he is not a big fan of those :(

  • Im kinda a shy guy. When I talk to the girl I like, he generally have a harder time keeping eye contact and having extensive conversation.


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