School before relationships!?

Lately I've been putting school before my relationships. Or even trying to find a life outside of my study's. I am currently taking classes on teachers aid. It's a lot of hard work. My grades have been ok but that's what I've been concentrating on is school. In the past I've had some failures in my relationships. So how can I do this i live in the big apple NYC. I don't know why i can't motivate or push myself into meeting someone. I need advice.

Learning yes important. The school I go to just not the kind were you meet people just the important thing is to learn what child development is all about for me I just have been in a slump. I'm drowning myself in romance novels on my free time


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  • well if you can't wait to finish school then just go out from time to time and socialize. meet new people. make new friends first. if you have friends, make plans. its freakin the big apple, there is always something to do. no excuses! xD


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  • Considering most relationships nowadays are shorter lived than new MMORPGs, I'd stick to learning.

  • My mother has forced me to put school before relationships.
    Now I am 24 single, no friends, never even kissed a girl.
    I regret my whole life. I wish I had not listened to my mother.

    • Well this is for internship. But I understand right now I'm just finding myself. I'm 24, failure at sticking to one relationship, social life limitless. I live in NYC and how can I just even try to embrace my social life. I've tried and we both have to find some way to get it back!

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  • Well school is a easy way to meet ppl. So use that as a advanage. You have something to talk about already and that school! Yes your schooling is more important but try to find a balance you need to also have some fun and give your self a break to just talk to someone and do something!

  • School > people
    Good grades > people
    Set yourself up for a good life, then go searching for a man. or woman. or whatever you're into.