Will an outgoing guy tell a shy girl sweet things to get her to open up?

I'm a shy girl dating an outgoing guy I met online. I can text him really easily but it's hard for me to be fully open in person.

He knows I'm shy and I always tell him I like him so he knows that I'm shy, but still interested.

He's always really sweet to me. Just saying cute things about how much he likes to be with me or how pretty I am.

When we are together I don't even talk that much, so I have no idea how he can think I'm fun to be around. I'm so shy with him, though I have been gradually opening up.

We just began dating so I'm sure I'll be fine once I get to know him. But I'm just like that with guys in the beginning.

Is it likely that he's being extra sweet to get me to open up to him more? I don't think a guy would lie exactly about having a good time, would they?


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  • Of course we will pay a girl compliment to make her feel good. Those must not be lies. Just sometimes stuff that we wouldn't say in other situations.


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  • i will throw some compliments here and there to get her to crawl out of her shell or at least peek her head out a little bit.

  • I guy will lie about having a good time but if they do they in general will not come back for a second time. Guys are simple so tack him at face value. I am sure he is enjoying your company.

    • Yeah he definitely keeps wanting to see me! And he's always texting me. I don't think he's "lying" exactly

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