I am so fuicking confused, help?

i recently broke up with my bf and got asked out a day aftyer by a guy i used to like... but another guy likes me and wants to kiss me, but i dont know if he wants a thing or a relationship, here is the problem i like them both but i dont know which one to choose


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  • Are you sure your ready to jump right back into dating?
    Don't want to give yourself a break?

    I say you go on a date with both of them and ask them,
    what they are looking for (whether that be a relationship or casual sex).
    Make your choice from there.

    • hmm okay thankyou, i will try that

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  • Not knowing anything else about the situation I would say the guy you used to like. It sounds as if you already know him which is a plus and b it also sounds as if you're leery of the second guys actual motives.


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