Question: Is this a compliment?

If your significant other tells you that you are more than your mind, is this a compliment? I'm someone who prides myself on being smart and he likes me to feel safe with him so I'm assuming it's a compliment but, I want to know if my interpretation is on or off.


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  • It sounds like he senses insecurity that you hold in yourself... He just is confirming the truth. You ARE more than your mind... Remember that. Compliment. -- now if it was a "dating not significant other" then you'd have to have the concern if he is saying that simply to get you to trust him which then leads wherever he wants it to...

    You are brilliant though regardless. Remember that.

    • :) Thank you so much for your positivity, I appreciate it! I get the feeling that he did mean it in an attempt to console my insecurities so thank you for your opinion!

  • Shouldn't he be saying that you are more than your body? What the hell is greater than one's mind? It's the strangest compliment ever.

    • We have a deep understanding of eachother, I'm pretty confident he was shooting for a soul aspect. Again just looking for some out of the box weighing in so thank you for your opinion! :)