Hey guys and girls I've got a girlfriend and I've not had a shave down there in awhile should I trim or shave?

Hey I've got a girlfriend and she said to me I've to trim down there incase anything happens if you know what I mean any ideas on what I should do and if I trim
Does it itch after it


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  • Just trim it a little. With a small scissors or whatever.


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  • Pick up a hair trimmer at walmart or something, trimming usually doesn't give you the itchiness that comes from shaving! Stay safe and use a condom!

  • You just got a girlfriend?

    • Yeah lol

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    • Wait what? lol did you ask her to have sex with you..

    • No she wanted to but because of the distance it didn't work out I loved her as well

  • Okay, if she's gonna give you a blow job you gotta shave! It's a complete turn off for her if she has to pull your pubic hair outta her mouth! I say just trim it then after shave it, it makes it less painful. And YES! If you let it go it will ITCH! I hope you have the pinch and roll down!

    • So wait you're saying even if I trim
      It it will still itch are you sure because I can't be arsed shaving I hate the itching

    • Yeh, ya see, the thing that makes it itch is the hair growing back out. If you just trim it it won't itch as much but, it still will

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  • First trim then shave, Now you feel like a p*rnstar and your D will look soo much taller, lol
    And you most probably get red spots, can be helped/avoided with acne cream or Alum stone.

    But i think a little trim is good now and then and just keeping fresh from odor, Sometimes you get a lot of hair on the balls, so trim or cut it down a bit. Completely shaved balls is awesome if your girl/woman plays with them with her mouth/tongue (Xrated comment lol)

    It really can be a nice sensation being fully shaved, so at least try it when you have a steady girlfriend whom you know well enough to get tested together with. If you gonna be this intimate there is always a big risk for STI/STD. Don't let lust could your judgment.

    Put some value on your self, and get that kind of commitment before you get all naked, it always feels best to have sex when you feel safe and secure with each other, and knows both are healthy.
    And remember without protection there might be babies.

    Good luck