Having two different dreams (opposit) and remembering them?

Last night I had a dream jason voorheers killed my mom. I didn't seem to feel anything. I was living with my aunt and he tried to kill both of us. I think he killed her too. I tried to sleep in my dream but was scared.

Then I dreamt of traveling to New York City by train and I saw this really hot older man who use to come into my job and we went to the city together. Then I went to my aunts house in New York and it we just ate. Did normal things

What does this mean? Why were these two dreams so different in one sleeping session


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  • They mean nothing. Dream usually are reflections of our lives.

    Maybe you saw/read something over Jason Vooheers? Your unconcious mixed that with your other experiences that day. Same thing with your aunt and the hot guy. Maybe something reminded you of him?

    Freudian theory that dreams mean things have already been disproven.

    -Blue Queen