He purrs like a cat... mm, yah!?

So Im dating this guy and he purrs like a cat sometimes. Like at random times he'll be like "rrrrrr".
Why is that? Are there any other guys like this?
What do you think of this?

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  • It's probably a nervous tick. It will probably go away once you guys become more comfortable with each other

    • Yah, i think you got this right. I think he does it because he likes me a lot (according to him) and maybe nervous around me.

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    • Yeah I think so too. When I was around my smoking hot ex I would scratch my tricep, and she would ask "why do you do that?" and when I answered her she thought it was cute. So yeah we do dumb shit in front of girls all the time.
      You know how embarrassing it is to get hard when a girl sits on your lap?

    • Lol no... I don't think I do.

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  • I've had a guy friend that did this. Like whenever he gave hugs or was being hugged or received some sort of affection, he would purr.

  • it might be noisy he makes but does not realize it. maybe he is happy.

    • lol, could be. thanks for replying.

  • that's creepy... makes him seem like a furry

    • I thought it was kinda weird as well... I wasn't sure if I should have asked him why he does it or let it go. So I decided to let him go so he doesn't feel awkward.

    • well if your dating i would ask him to see if he even notices he's doing it. he may stop if you bring it up. i can imagine that being a bit uncomfortable.