Guys are you dissapointed if a girl lies about her weight before meeting?

I met this guy on fb we have seen each others pictures on facebook. He thinks i am beautiful and he is a really decent guy and we have been talking for 2 weeks now. Lately, I showed him a picture of me how fat i used to be and that i lost about 50 lbs but i am still fat. He thinks i am skinny and says i dont look fat at all lol but here is the catch I used to be 220 lbs now i am 170 lbs. He is probably expecting that i am around 140 ish.. He wants to meet me but i have been saying no. I just dont want to ruin this coz of my weight i have been working very hard to lose it and become skinny! ahhh can somebody help me please? we get along so well and he is just amazing person. i dont wanna get rejected...:( what can i do?

i dont know how well this question makes sense.. i haven't lied to him i think i will come out as a liar if i meet him.. :/


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  • Well I don't like girls lying about weight and height.
    If it's small difference than no problem.
    Keep in mind a true guys likes who u r and what u r
    Not how u look.

    • i haven't lied but i feel like he might think i am a liar if i meet him.. i really dont want to lose him.. i have been prolonging our meets.. my self esteem is gonna go down a bit if he rejects me even though i lost so much weight..

    • Well in that case if u don't look fat then you're good to go. There is nothing to worry.
      But according to me q video chat would give u and him a clear idea of your upcoming date

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  • I would probably care if a girl lied about her weight.


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  • You haven't lied about anything, unless you actually said you were around 140... but if it's just that you think he's expecting it, then you're fine! Who knows what he's acutally thinking? In fact, since he's seen your pics, he's probably not thinking about numbers, he's just thinking about the image of you. He says you're beautiful - trust him!
    I say go for it. There's no harm in meeting him. And if he decided he doesn't like you in person, then he's not worth it :)