Need some advice talking to girls?

So I'm 26 years old. Never had a girlfriend before.

I've always been a very shy person when it comes to approaching girls, specifically for the purpose of making friends with her.

I have no problems talking to strangers when I need to - but if I approach a girl just to talk to her, then I would have no idea what to do. I'm also pretty social around people that I know well, for example if we're driving we would just keep talking.

Sometimes when I'm at the supermarket or the gym, I would flirt with a girl by looking at her. And sometimes after she notices that I'm looking at her, she even comes over to where I am, and walks by me a few times on purpose.

But then I never do anything, and at that point I would just wish she had never come over in the first place, because I'm too shy to talk to her.

I have no idea what to say, or what to do? Or how to open the conversation and keep it going..


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  • You're crackin' me up dude. I've been where you are and to this day I even forget my own advice when I see certain women and the tongue, it just does this weird thing where it, ties itself into a sheep-shank knot. You know where you want to say something but you're afraid it'll come out like," erm urdh eakrnm hanfledded kerboandnd." Or you just don't say anything all and walk away head hung low.

    Dude just say, "Hi." Then wait and I guarantee she will say either, " Hey!" or "Hi." Back. And that's a start.
    Or say, "What's up." or, "Hey, what's up." or even just, "What up."

    • If no one else chimes in, or you just want some more tips I can help you out a little more too. Sup to you man.

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    • Compliment her on something that isn't cliche to say. Don't say, "You have beautiful eyes," or, "You're pretty." Instead pick something in her outfit like, "I like your shoes," or, "that's a really nice t-shirt, I like it." Females spend in inordinate amount of time putting themselves together and when you place a sincere comment to it they really take notice.

    • If it's a cool t-shirt, you could keep it going by asking where she got it from. You want to figure out something she's interested in and talk about that. People in general-especially females- love to talk about stuff that falls within there interests. Music, movies, food, school subjects, books, phones/tech devices, websites, celebrities, TV shows, etc. Keep it light and funny. Nothing heavy like politics, religion, news media.

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