What to do on a date and how to get her engaged?

I'm 15 and wanting to start dating and needing tips to get the girl of my dreams and how to ask her out and what to do during whats appropriate and won't get me or her in trouble and how can i meet her parents and get them to like me so i can be with more often

engaged as in in too me like how to keep her entertained


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  • Whoa slow down Gamer. This isn't a race. And slow and steady always wins anyways. Just be yourself. I know you're young and still figuring out who "yourself" is and all, but don't try to be anything. Don't put on airs. Parents will see right through that kind of thing. If you have a genuine interest in their daughter and your good for her they will see and appreciate that. Talk to them, engage them. They will like that. It will set you apart from sooooooo many guys. As for as the dream-girl in question, just feel out what pace she's comfortable with and you'll be fine as far as what's appropriate.


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