For the Guys- please help. Is this guy really into my cousin?

Okay so, lets call this guy Tom... I set my friend Tom up with my ex's sister about 4 years ago, and had a son together 3 years ago. About a yr ago Tom told me things weren't good and they decided to separate. Me and Tom speak regularly, and have know each other for about 9 yrs, so I was there for him... We went out for a meal last yr n he told me he wanted to be in a relationship with me- I said no way! because of the circumstances etc. For the last yr up until March 14 he has been on my case with this, and my answer has never changed... Anyway, Tom's cousin informed me that Tom has now a 2 mnth old baby with my ex's sister! Obviously I am very surprised because we talk regularly n he has never mentioned this. .. So I have a cousin that knows this, n she calls me 2 days ago to say that she has been dating Tom over the last 2 mnths n he says he wants a serious relationship with her. He has been giving her money, taking her out n even went to the sexual health clinic with her to get checked out!!! So she is now asking me to clarify whether or not he is still with my ex's sister, and if he is seeing anyone... So I called him yesterday n asked- he said to me " you know I like to be with women, and I talk to a few, but nothing serious... plus, I think you have the wrong idea about me. You seem to think I'm out having sex with new women every day" . I jokingly replied " I'm surprised your not, I would love to be having sex everyday". He says " you know I can give that to you anytime". I laughed it off, n said "it will never happen". He says, he's being serious... So, I tell him we need to catch up, he says when it comes to me he will make time, because with me its different (kmt). So I will be seeing him Friday, n for some reason he is staying in a hotel. He says this is because he needs to see a few people within the area... anyway I'm seeing him Friday and hope to confront him then.


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  • It seems like his actions and words are the complete opposite now i can't blame tom for flirting with multiple women thats a part of life and you dont find your true love by dating as few women as possible its a trial and error process however i think if tom is as serious as he says he is about you then he wouldn't be doing things like that and he would be directing most of attention to you and the money thing I don't know if he's doing that because she's pregnant or what but i wouldn't trust tom too much if i was you


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