What's a legitimate way that I can impress a girl?

Now before you ladies and guys answer this question, I know that I am going to get heat for even thinking about impressing a girl and whatnot, but impressing a girl and even close friends has always been something I have always done. I sometimes feel that impressing a girl and even others has made me more considerate of others as well as made me get my shit together in terms of how to act in public around certain people (family, friends, girl I'm trying to attact, etc.).

Anyway, what is a way that I can attract a girl that I like and even during a date.

Lately I have been dancing (for the past 3 years) to gain more confidence as well as attract and impress women and recently I started getting into cooking because I hear that women love a man that can cook and I'm broke and am trying to find ways to impress a girl without breaking the bank. Lastly, I've been going back to school to prep for grad school to get into an Occupational Therapy program to get my act together career-wise and to impress a girl in that I'm career and future-driven.

Ladies, what else can I do to show that I'm dating material and prove that I'm getting my shit together. I feel as much as I'm trying to curb my chronic for impressing folks (especially women), I feel that it will always be in me and I always want to leave an everlasting impression on a girl and not be like some of the guys I have known that take folks for granted.

ALso note that the things I do to impress women, I try to make it where it benefits me at the same time...


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  • There's a lot of things you can do to impress a girl. Being a gentleman is one of them.

    Open doors for the lady. Compliment HER. Don't say "that dress looks beautiful" say "you look beautiful in that dress. Talk about her!!

    Appreciate her. Don't just do it on the inside bc girls can be clueless. Show her that you appreciate her.

    Try doing things she likes. If she likes biking, try out biking. If she likes watching anime, try watching anime.

    yes yes cooking and dancing are also very good.


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  • You dance and cook and study Occupational Therapy! That is so cool! I love dancing, I can cook but I don't really like doing it, and I'm studying to become an Occupational Therapist!

    Now just play a musical instrument or sing :) Playing a song to a girl would be an awesome way to end a date :)

    Be respectful, considerate, compassionate, accepting, well-mannered...


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  • Serenade her and make her dinner. The wine and dine method has stood the test of time for a reason!