Should we Break up or make up?

so me and my boyfriend of one year recently broke up and got back together a few days later but some of the things he said during the break up made me question our realtionship and if it will last.

he said i was too young: we met in school i hadturned 16 a few months before and he was 18 and he's only 2 years older then me and knew my age before the fact.

he said that he's had doubts since Thanksgiving and its july?

he said we rushed into things even though i didn't date him till almost the end of summer because i was geting out of a relationship.

I don't know what i should do im being torn in so many directions

i still love him but i can't trust him the way i used to?

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  • break up</3
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  • Trust is the cornerstone of a relationship if you can't do that you guys are doomed to break up and it sounds like to me he's not interested in continuing the relationship either


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