Does it sound like he is lying to me?

I've been seeing this guy and I feel like he just doesn't care. He is unreliable and I feel like he only wants to do something late at night these days. Last time he was late with seeing me because he said he had to go to a meeting. I got angry and told him to not worry about catching up as it sounded like an excuse because he doesn't even work. But it turns out his mum is very religious and wanted him to go to the religious meeting, but it was on a Friday night. So I don't know if that happens? And I was meant to see him tonight but he calls me at 5pm and asks if he can see me a bit later because his friend called and said they have soccer training. I then said why would you all the sudden have soccer training now and he said my friend just called me about it.

He usually has it tomorrow night (Thursday night where I am). I told him I feel like he is making excuses and he said I'm not and I'm not cancelling I'm just making it later. I feel really pissed off now because I feel like I'm always waiting around for him. Does the meeting thing and the training thing sound honest to you? Are they things that happen? I'm not religious and I don't play sport so I don't know. I know we aren't in a relationship but I feel like he is just playing with my emotions, there's a few other things as well that he has done that makes me wonder


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  • Honestly he could be lying or he could be telling the truth but to me it sounds like you dont trust him either way i think that you should reevaluate wether you really want to be with him if it does end up progressing with him do you think that you will believe him when he says he's busy or will you still think he's lying? if you dont trust and feel pretty sure that he's not being honest i say you should drop it and save yourself some trouble

    • I do have trust issues but the fact that he doesn't really show that he is sincere through his actions as well. I don't want to be made a fool I mean how am I meant to believe him, just sounds like excuses

    • If you feel that way and you have trust issues it sounds like a recipe for disaster i doubt you're going to get what you're looking for out of this so give him an ultimatum and if his answer isn't sincere enough for you he's not worth it

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  • Sounds like he's not that in to you or he don't want certain people he know to be scene with you for some reason, if every time he keeps putting you on the back burner then it's time for you to move on and find someone that's more attentive to you with out all of the excuses. Now he maybe lying or he could be telling the truth, but if you feel he's not putting you first then move on.


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  • What about thinking like he is your friend? Just a friend. Would you react same way?

    Yeah I know it hurts. You want him to arrange his plans according to you. But it is early to expect. I am not gonna say, he doesn't value you either. He has solid reasons doesn't he?

    So live your life. Don't depend on someone else. If you expect more, you will be disappointed more. When he calls you, welcome him. He is your friend at least, is not he? If you are really disturbed because of his behaviors, then let it go. Time is precious thing.