Can someone explain the personality of the guy i'm dating?

I've been dating this guy for 3 months, and we are just trying to get to know each other and potentially get married in the end. No sex involved. What confuses me is that I can get through him. He's told me that he likes my company and being around me.

Everytime I try to flirt, he just takes it seriously. He doesn't flirt back and I feel stupid for trying. Every time he compliments me, it's like "you are nice". In person he laughs at my jokes and he seems to enjoy himself and it's like his life consists of routines. I personally think he seems kinda mechanical in his way of acting. I'm not judging him at all, I just want to hear you out? Is there something I'm missing personalitywise?


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  • Sounds like that movie with Babs Streisand and Jeff Bridges... He was all business, No pleasure, and when She finally Changed her outlook, her Look, her school marm manner into this sexy image of what he had Now her as His wife, he----Fell head over heels in love with her, dropping the dope act, and put his heart that had been on his sleeve, into her hands... Beautiful love story...
    Perhaps what he is feeling Right now, is more like comfy companionship. Maybe he has a guard up, from a past burnt relationship, and doesn't want anything 'Too Personal' right now. He is just getting to know you, and with some couples, it sometimes takes time And---Two to tangle---to find the magic, chemistry. And you Could change a bit of spice for his life... Perhaps it would give him some awakening that he desperately needs.
    However, Old Mother Nature doesn't always have the seeds needed to sow in order to be Reaped. And if you do find in time, that Nothing is happening, exhausting it all, you can always take another direction that you may find with someone else's----Personaltywise.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, and I hope that that's the case. But how do I know what this is the case? What would a man (like the actor) do while dating to confirm that he's this kind of person?

    • The man in the movie I believe had been in a relationship, gotten hurt, and stayed away from love.. anything dealing with even a kiss meant he could fall in love... But he loasened up when he had reqaalized all the effort his wife put in to trying to make him want her, and with all her sexy efforts, like losing weight, etc.. he realized and opened up and they were in the street kissing an dholding soo very much in love... I think you may hav eto work at brining him out, for perhaps there is something as to Why he wants to be with you, yet... No sex appeal here? xx

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  • it seems like its just his personality. either that or he recognizes the signs you're giving off but he doesn't want to reciprocate because he may not feel the same? because so far based off your description everything he has said to you is really damn close to the neutral zone:P nothing is really generated specifically towards you in a special way that is obvious.

    • He said that he enjoys being with me/my company and that we apparently has a lot in common?

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    • Okay thank you. But what does a guy mean when he says "you should know that I enjoy your company" (it was literally those words) after a second date? He just said it randomly after we told each other that it was nice etc.

    • he's letting you know that spending time with you is good and he really likes it. it brings him joy and it also sounded like he was trying to reinforce that fact on how he feels just so that you're sure. once again probably a part of his personality hahaa. but either way its a good thing.

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  • He seems like a conservative person. People can be close verbally. You can encourage him like, when he says even little stuff, ' thank you I appreciate that. It makes me so happy, you are so kind ' etc So he can be more comfortable and will get used to. Little by little you know.

    • What else would define him as conservative while dating? What would he say/do?

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    • I see - what if he was afraid to cross my boundaries too early? Would that explain his way of being?

    • Yeah that's possible too. You are the one who will give the permission to cross those boundaries. So it's in your hands.

  • That's just who he is. If you can't deal then find someone else

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