Girls: what are the things that we as men do, while we are starting to date you, that get you to start liking us more?

I'm going on a second date with this girl and i started to think what are the ways in which guys win over your hearts?

Thanks to all of you ladies! I appreciate the help!


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  • well im attracted to guys who are respectful patient genuine open minded comfortable with silence compassionate and physically affectionate..

    however, other than being yourself there's nothing 'special' you can do to truly win someone over. ultimately who i am and who you are and who we are either mixes well or it doesnt. we get along or we dont. being fake just makes it take longer to sort that out.

    be yourself it saves everyone a bunch of time and you'll attract women you like who like you for you :)


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  • Always be yourself with her. Pay attention to all the little things about her, does, says. Most guys don't pay close attention to all the small details but usually that wins us girls over. Find out what she's attracted to. Most of us girls love a gentleman but I can't speak for all us girls since we're all different.

  • well I'd say... listen to her, carefully! be there for her.. but since its your second date she probably still wants to have that fun 'chase' and would like to impress you. So be mysterious ;)
    Best of luck! :)

  • Listen to everything she says, compliment her, be a gentleman (open the door for her, carry her bag if its heavy, etc), treat her like if she is the most important thing to you and dont forget to smile to show you are happy to see her :)

  • be a gentleman
    be honest
    and be tactful of your words

  • I like them to be funny, really into our conversations, never stare at other people (rude), nice, and never to just expect sex.


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