Friends with benefits and looking for a relationship?

I was bartending a wedding a few months ago, and the grooms son and I really hit it off. I got his number and we started hooking up and have been seeing each other basically every night since, I come over we watch movies, go out to eat, I cook, he cooks, etc. I don't stand for being a booty call so I brought it up and he agreed that we were friends with benefits. Well, I have started to fall for him, hard. He has been doing and saying things that get me to think that he might return my feelings (little things; kissing my nose, saying he'd drop a girl for me, offering his house key, telling me I can come over when he's there and when he's not etc.) I want to ask him on a dateā€¦ I am at college right now, and he's a thousand miles away so I want to wait until I transfer to a college back home (next year). A) Can I ask him out without ruining the relationship we have? B) Can you lend me any advice for asking this guy out?

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  • You just have to discuss how he honestly feels about you too and if he's trying to have a relationship now or not. And yes, it may make things weird and fucked up if he says no

    • Do you have any suggestions on as to how I would or should bring that up?

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    • I'll try it! Thanks, maybe while eating Ill ask him why he's not taken or what he's looking for in our relationship and If he asks why I can tell him that I like him and love being his friend but am curious to see if he's interested in being more?

    • I don't think you can put it any better than that tbh

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  • Hm thats a tough one honestly if this was a couple of months ago and you're like 1000 miles away its hard to say thats a pretty long distance i say if you end up transferring back there than you should ask him out or tell him that you want this relationship to go somewhere but for now dont sweat it unless he talks to you on the regular and you guys end up with some kind of agreement that you'll get back together once you go back

    • Thanks!! We do talk regularly, but I don't mind waiting 10-ish months to make a move.

    • well i hope it works out for you guys! good luck :)

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