First Date Planned @ His House? Weird?

Here's the scoop lol. Met this guy on Tinder (if you saw my last question you are familiar) and we both have great conversation. Originally we said dinner and a movie --- but some where along the line he asked what I wanted to do again and I stupidly said, "I'd be happy doing nothing - just as long as I get to spend time with you." Which of course he agreed that he'd be happy with that as well. Talk about lowering the bar lol. Long story short, he asked if I wanted to come over and watch movies at his place. I agreed.

We both are in our early-mid 20's and live with our parents. We both work really hard full time and our own routines after work include relaxing. (Work is exhausting)

His parents will be there when I come over. Do you think that is weird we are meeting for the first time at his parents house? Should I switch plans up last minute and request we do something else? I do not know. Meh. Help a sista out lol.


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  • ehh if you really want to switch the plans up then don't do it last minute. let him know now and just tell him how you feel about the date he is trying to plan out. tell him you don't really feel comfortable doing it so early. im sure he will respect your word.

    • Unfortunately it is already last minute. I will talk to him and see what he is thinking -- just makes me feel a little weird lol. I am going to suggest bowling instead. :) Thanks!

    • hahaa damn already last minute:P well either way you can still talk to him like you are planning so its all good. omg bowling fun! either that or minigolf! I love minigolf:D

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  • Hell yeah thats awkward dude "Hey mom and dad this is ___ we met on tinder and were having our first date at home :)" You dont want to be in that situation lol its weird enough meeting someone online and then meeting them in person you dont need to be worrying about his parents too

    • Lol shhh. I know it is weird. He already asked me not to say we met online ugh. I just don't know how to ask to switch plans up >_< Thank you for confirming my already simmering opinion on the situation. haha

    • No problem haha I don't know dude just be like im not ready or willing to meet your parents its too awkward for me or something

  • If you meet at his house there's a high chance he might want to show you his room, just remember that

    • Very true. Very true - But with his parents there you think he would try something? (O_O) Sheesh.

    • Possibly lol, or he might let them know you're coming so they might go out of the house.

  • He's going to want to have sex be ready for that, and thats how I met my wife we meet and watched movies at my house.. I mean it worked out in the end lol

    • I assume when a guy refers to cuddling they refer to sex lol. I think I will figure this one out. Thank you for your opinion. & here is another question that just crossed my mind, if i do go to his house -- is it okay that i dress comfortable? or do you think he'd still expect me to dress "up"? Hmm.

    • Hey guys like to cuddle too! and it's quite fine to dress comfy to cuddle and watch a movie at his house, i'd check and see if his parents was going to be there first so I knew how comfy to dress as well

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  • That's kind of weird, I would only agree to meet him in a public space.

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