Im 18 and im in love with my best friend how do I tell her in a way that she won't be wearded out?

i have known her for a few years and over that time i have really start to like her and now im in love with her she is in college now and im still in high school there is only one year between us 2 we kissed once but we were drunk and she probably doesn't remember


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  • You have to be sure if she's still single. Then you can tell her like: "Hey, since we're both single, why don't we try hanging out as a date for fun? You and I could gain some dating experiences :)". I'd suggest that you would ask her to hang out as a date for couples of days first, to see if you and her could really change into couple or not. Try adding little romance on every hanging-out date, like treating her differently (not as a dude but a girl), compliment her appearance, stop talking about other girls to her, being more protective,.. Just be patient and add in little romantic details on every date. It's a safe way to give hints, then when you think she starts to like it that way, tell her how you feel.
    Or the safest way is to confess on April's Fool Day. If she said no then say "I'm just kidding". It might sound so coward but it's the way not to lose a friendship

    • thanks a lot i will try that :)

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