We were making out at a party, and he said he likes me, but he didn't called or texted me ever since. Why?

So bacially I was at a party and saw this guy that I found attractive and showed him to my friend, who later on pushed us together so he kissed me (french). So after that first kiss we were together the whole time. At the beginning we were just kissing, but later we started making out. We were sitting ona bench and he grabbed me and put me in his lap, so I was straddling him. Later he asked me if I would like to lay on top of him, but I refused that because I felt I wasn't ready for that, so he laid on top of me and started hissing me really passionately. He was also holding my butt the whole time and put his hands in my pants and was grabbing my butt cheeks. We were both turned on and he said he is getting hard down there. Between the kisses we were talking a lot and he said he was looking for a girl like me and that he likes me very much, and if I would like to be his girlfriend (which I found very odd because we just met). He also asked me if I would like to sleep at his house because I lived 20 minutes away, but I refused that because my parents were already waiting for me. He asked me to give him my number, so I did. But after I went home he didn't called me or at least texted (it has been 3 months). All he did was follow me on instagram (and a bunch of his friends also) so i added him on fb later, he accepted me, but nothing else happened. Why didn't he texted me? And what should I do the first time I see him again after this? I really liked him and still can't stop thinking about him. Thanks for your answers I really appreciate it :)


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  • Think I go turned on reading this, seems bit immature 3 months he could've sealed the deal already.
    Definitely it sounds like he was just looking for it that night and that is it.


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  • It sounds like he was telling you that to get in your pants. When you refused to go over his house or lay on top of him, he lost interest :/

    • Thank you for your answer :) But why would he still make out with me after I refuesed going to his house and lay on top of him (he asked me this in the beginning). Guys are such jerks sometimes, but I still like him, how weird is this haha :)

    • Because guys usually don't take no for an answer!

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