How can I fix this if I can?

my best friend found a new boyfriend when she went to camp and when she came back she started thinking everyone was not supporting her and she told me once that she thought that I was trying to break them up. I told even though I did like her I would support her no matter what. it was 4 am and I was hanging with her ex my dude best friend and I wasn't thinking because of how tired I was and I told him somethings about her and her boyfriend that she told me. the next morning she text me that I was tiring to brake her and her boyfriend up again I didn't know what happen and I asked she said that my best friend told everything I told him the night before and then she stopped texting me. I tried the next day to she if she had clam down but no luck is there anything I can do?


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  • Give her space and time.

    If she is willing to listen to you, she'll hear you out, but it will have to be on her own time.