How do I make a girl like me?

I met a girl in the net we talk in fb or text often because she's a busy type of person. I would like to know what moves should I make. I don't want her to feel that I'm too obsess with her. I want it to be natural.


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  • You allready made the first move :) A girl that isn't interested in you wouldn't talk to you in the first place.
    Look up what kind of music she like and talk about that. She will automatically show interest. Or another way (I do not suggest it though) is to comment post a picture with a female friend. This will get her attention for sure. But only do this when you feel her slipping away. Because jealousy isn't something you want to deal with, trust me.

    • Yeah I got her numbers ( she has two numbers and sent a group message about who received her other numbers are Important to her). She also said before that she's a very busy person. I'm starting to believe it now. How can I get her attention? I mean to text me all the time so that I can make the next move.

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    • Not going to lie. I'm currently going through the same thing with this friend of mine. Mixed signals and all. You're on the right track so keep it up and I'm sure everything will work out.

    • I'm really having problem with this girl 'coz her attention right now is not in me. I can feel that.

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  • You can't make someone like you. Either they do or they don't.
    You could always call her and directly ask her out.

    • you know I can't ask her like that right away. You just can't ask a person who barely knows you if she likes me or not right?

    • Well duh, you wouldn't be asking her if she likes you. You could just say "hey, I want to get to know you a bit better. Do you want to meet up for coffee sometime?"

    • Okay I will try that too. Thanks

  • Find out about her likes and start conversations about that, and ask her about her busy schedule. Get her gifts and send her love letters (your choice whether or not it's secret admirer signed on it). If you find out enough about her that's what you can talk about her and buy her. Girls love gifts. But try and listen to her, too. Girls hate being spoiled but you don't listen

    • Actually I am planning to ask what are her likes if we date so that I can have some topics during our date ( If she will go out with me hopefully).

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  • Yep, Doll said it. You're already doing it. And by the way, can't make a girl like you. Ever. Attraction isn't a choice. You're good, keep it up. Don't be too clingy or needy and you'll be fine.

    • you mean clingy is like chatting her everytime? I only chat or text her often 'coz I think It makes me too obvious and I don't want that.

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    • I only text/message her Twice or once a day.. leaving her a message like "Good morning or Goodnight" If I feel in her reply that she's not busy I'll text her at will. Lol.

    • Great, that's perfect. And if you find yourself superbusy and miss a day, that's fine too. Just wait till the next morning. You're totally good here bro,