Are men and women attracted to this personality?

Are men and women attracted to the following personality?
slightly Violent, silly, funny, clumsy, horror movie freak, little bit girly, random, little hyper.

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  • That sounds really entertaining and lively, I think that personality could be fun to pair up with.

    slightly Violent- I'm very calm and collected, seems like a good balance (as long as I don't get abused to badly LOL). Also could make for some great intimate moments since there's a way to let the aggression out

    Silly/Funny- perfect! I'm silly sometimes and can appreciate this kind of humor a lot

    Clumsy- I find this a bit cute, would be fun to see

    Horror movie freak- I'm completely the opposite. Can't stand horror flicks unless it's something like Hannibal Lecter. Probably wouldn't watch to many movies with someone that loves this genre.

    little bit girly- I like girly girls a lot, I can dig others too but this is my favorite

    random- lol, join the club. I genuinely love randomness. One sure way to keep things fresh

    little hyper- bingo! I have my moments so having someone that naturally understands this is a big plus. What would happen with both being hyper at the same time :O

    Of course everyone will have different opinions on their likes and dislikes. I find this personality a good and likeable fit myself.


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  • I think so. yeah. there's gotta be at least 1 person who says they like this personality.

  • Slightly... violent? Does that mean you only stab people a little bit rather than a lot? =p

    • no just says something violent a lot or a violent word

  • Yeah, sounds the person would be pretty fun to be around

  • Violent is bad. Clumsy is bad. Hyper is bad. Trying to be "random" (i. e. mentally unstable) is bad. Silly and funny are good. Horror movies are alright.


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