What are your dating dealbreakers that most people don't have?

Mine are:

She has only guys friends: if all your friends are male, it's a red flag to me. It shows you're insecure.

Listens to awful music: I know many women who like country music and I find it to be good awful.

Nagging: I can't stand a woman who nags all the damn time.

Has children: I don't date single mothers, I don't care how hot she is she has kid = dealbreaker.

Women who smoke: You stink. That's all.

Women who lie: How am I supposed to trust you, if you lie all the time?

Very pushy and aggressive: I don't like aggressive women. They tend to act like men and it's not attractive.

Those are mine. What are yours?


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  • I think my list is longer than yours

    Nagging, believe it or not men do nagg
    Bad hygiene/grooming, first impression matters
    Nice smile/ set of teeth - no crooked smile allowed sorry
    No short men - I'm 5"4 if I'm taller than you definite deal breakers
    You have got to have good sense of humour- 0 = deal breaker
    Dress sense - at least make an effort, I'm not asking you to splurge on designers but have a sense of dressing
    No smoking
    No drinking
    Do not ever say bitch to my face

    My list keeps growing... I think I'm mean

    • You're not mean unless you're rudely rejecting men. Are you?

    • Of course not, that would be so rude. I just tend to do a quick appraisal.

  • Wow!!! You have a lot of deal breakers :)

    Mine are:
    Doesn't like animals
    Doesn't accept my dietary lifestyle
    Bad hygiene ( A given )
    Been incarcerated for anything other than a stupid minor mistake ( Even then I don't know )
    Trashy family ( Honey Boo Boo style)
    Doesn't have a car ( Unless he lives somewhere where a car is not needed )

    I'm sure there's more, but these are the biggies!

    • Yeah I have high standards when it comes to women. I won't just date any woman.

    • Guess I can't say anything given my list kept growing and that's not everything ;)

    • All of mine weren't included either lol

  • If he's always on his phone when were're together or if he's arrogant. I know everyone says this but i can't stand anyone who thinks they are too cool to do activities that are not "cool". also if he is mean to waiters and employees and makes fun/bullies people. As for physical appearance i'd say yellow teeth, bad breath and dirty nails are turn offs

    • Basically you don't want to be an ass. Sounds fair.

    • Well yes... but at the same time i want someone who is protective and knows how to defend himself. I have a question though... what does only having guy friends have anything to do with a girl being insecure? Isn't it the complete opposite?

  • I'm oddly turned off by most businessmen and guys with too much money.

    • Seriously?

    • It just doesn't interest me. I'm sure there a lot of great businessmen and rich men out there, but I like more laid back types, who aren't usually Mr. CEO by nature.

    • *there are, that should say.

  • That most people don't have? None

    My list is pretty common


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  • I will not date women who smoke cigarettes. Not a chance in hell. It gives me awful headaches, it smells terrible, and I've lost several people to cancer who were smokers. It's a complete and total deal breaker for me.

    I won't date women with kids.

    I won't date women who play games. I understand that everyone has a little bit of drama, but at the first whiff of "games", I'll usually disconnect very fast and bounce.

    Other than that, if feel like my dating deal breakers are fairly standard

  • if she always dresses like a street walker that's a deal breaker:P other than that I can usually accept her for who she is.