Almost certain things are over?

If you've read my previous questions, you'll know I have a friends with benefits that has been very confusing.
Last week we were supposed to hangout and he never responded so I gave up. Friday he texted "Hey (:" like nothing happened and he said he was super busy and whatever. I was at a wedding getting wasted and said I wasn't in the mood for this fight rn. Next morning he texted ":P" like what the hell does that mean? I responded with "What?" and a little later with "?". Nearing a week later we haven't been in contact, and I just went to try and text him but it didn't go through.. Which has happened before but seems too coincidental. Are things over?

When I had tried to text him I said, "I'm getting my bellybutton pierced this weekend" and have responded, "I'm getting a penis transplant" and attached was a sock made to look like a dick...


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  • he's pouting lol. I wouldn't say things are over until someone declares it officially over, or if you've been ignored completely for more than 20 days lol.


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