Hard to get or uninterested?

Aright, I meet a beautiful, intelligent, and self respecting woman at school this past spring (far different from any girl I've ever met). We date for a month. I very clearly demonstrate my interest, am incredibly kind, and take things VERY slow. I try to make things official, she says not yet, I respect that and do not let things change because of that. A couple of weeks later we go home for summer (do not live far away from each other- 45 min). Try to get together with her on two separate occasions, she uses this or that excuse. She goes away to Europe for more than a month, no contact. She's back now. Do I try to contact her?

Is she just uninterested or playing hard to get all of the sudden?

Did she just want freedom for her travels (she is not by any means a promiscuous girl though)?

Is she just too nice to tell it like it is?

Is it unfair to myself to continue to pursue her or to get back with her if I have the chance to?

I've been Mr. Nice guy and approached this far differently from any relationship in the past and I feel like I'm just the nice guy finishing last here. I really have had a tough time moving on. Maybe I should just put it all on the table and ask for no bullshit. A definitive answer I think would definitely help me to move on. Thoughts?

  • Is she just uninterested and too nice?
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  • Is she playing hard to get or just wanted freedom from me for her travels?
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  • I don't believe she is playing hard to get nor do I believe she is uninterested... You know what a person allows you to know about them. There maybe somethings going on in her life that just don't sit right with her and she isn't ready to become emotionally attached or put a title on you both. -- Therefore, she focuses on self and bettering herself. That is what people do in college ultimately, no? I wouldn't think too much about it, I would let it go. & if you are going to re-approach her, I would do so as a friend. She is completely aware of how she distanced herself and will likely apologize or acknowledge it if she is interested in you as more than a friend.

    Freedom for travels? Not at all. She probably just didn't want you waiting around for her since she was gone for so long. I went to Europe for two weeks and the person I was talking to back home kept texting me - it felt like I was obligated to respond because we were talking. I think she simply wanted a vacation from life and that is exactly what she got. -- You should ask her about her trip.. Maybe suggest over coffee.

    Nice girls are GREAT but they also are very insecure in the fact that they really don't want to hurt others. - You won't know if you don't communicate with her. You will be able to read her better in conversation and validate your own opinion.

    I would say just try one more time. It wouldn't hurt. Be friendly.. see where it leads. Careful though, the friendzone is a dangerous place lol. Don't get sucked into it. Just be casual and start talking more.

  • Try contacting her and if she doesn't try getting back to you at all then she's not interested.


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