Looking for some advice... To end it or not?

m with a guy right now... that i have sex with.. we hang out... we go on dates now and then and he constantly tells me how much he cares for me.

I always tell him "me too"... most of the time.. just because it sounds really great and i do enjoy spending time with him..

but i don't feel like i yearn for him.. and i think thats how its supposed to be but everyone keeps telling me not to let go of him cause he's such a "good guy"... which he is... he's understanding and kind and literally has every quality I would want in a man..

i just don't feel that feeling inside..

i guess my question is.. do you end a relationship if you felt hat person is trying really hard and your not as into it...

or do you wait it out with a good person and fall in love...

should love be instant... or does it take time...


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  • Dont know what you got till its gone!

    But I see where this guy is going wrong; he is too available and thereby has no mystery or challenge about him and you are bored.

    I imagine if he didn't reply to all your texts or calls right away, had other things to do from time to time and generally kept you wondering/guessing that you would be more into him.

    Seems that showing genuine and sincere interest in a woman can be a sure fire way to turn her off. Sad.

    Maybe you should let this poor guy go so he can find a woman who will appreciate the fact he doesn't try to game her?


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  • maybe you should date a few douches, to learn to appreciate such a nice guy xD. maybe your expectations are exaggerated from watching too much romance movies :P

  • I believe love is not instant and takes time. And honestly if you have the desire to no longer be with him, then you need to end it as soon as possible, don't let it linger. Now, if I were you I avoid the garbage cliche and tel him the real reason and try to still be friends. However, usually having sex complicates that more. You may need some more growing up to do or other experiences to realize what you want. And you may regret breaking up with him. good luck


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  • Personally, I think you should end it. Because relationships are suppose to be mutual. And no matter who he is or what type of guy he is, if you don't feel the same way than whats the point of holding on? I mean where does your happiness come in? Are you happy? I'm guessing not, because if you are, you wouldn't have to question the relationship.

    • Also, if you where to take my advice and end the relationship, i would suggest that you sit him down and tell him, "Look, I know this sounds cliche and typical but, Its not you its me.. I'd like to end the relationship. You are a really great guy, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. But I just don't feel the same way you do, and i don't want to hurt you by saying this, but I feel that i am being unfair to you and to myself. I hope that we can remain friends.." I hope this Helps!!

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    • this was really helpful... i just really do believe in that "spark" thing you know... and if your not feeling that connection... whats the point?

    • Thankyou! I am glad this was helpful! :) I hope everything goes well..